Looking For Dungeon should be renamed.

I’m recommending Looking For Tossers (LFT).

This was originally going to be a rant about how much I no longer like healing, but after last night and tonight’s adventures I feel it needs to be expanded.

I used to love healing. I would queue up for hours on end to waggle my arms in the back of the group. Granted Wrath heroics were pretty much a faceroll until the Frozen Halls instances came around and required a little more skill. I don’t like snoozing in the back but I sure as hell don’t enjoy healing as it currently stands. I have little mana after 3 trash pulls, I OOM on boss fights, this to me is not fun.

To be honest though I don’t find PUGs fun at all, even just going as DPS and blowing stuff up. And pretty much it comes down to one reason:

People act like assholes.

WoW Insider recently had an article about tanking wondering if it’s time to make other classes step up to the plate (ha, plate, armor, tanking…see what I did there?). This also goes along with the changes to threat and the new Call to Arms feature. Blizzard can’t understand why people don’t want to tank? Or heal? Please refer to the paragraph above.

I would like to try tanking, I’d like to continue healing but when people get their knickers in a twist because you’re not perfect why should I bother? I find it especially disheartening when PUGs get all up in arms over something but don’t offer any help. I did a PUG earlier to get the last 30 JP for a new dress. We got Halls of Origination (woo?) and for Temple Guardian Anhuur I was asked to get one of the switches. I’m fine with the switch but I’m a mage, I’m squishy, I also have no sense of direction. So needless to say the snakes usually eat my face off, as they did today. And the lovely druid chap healing of course had some snarky comment about how he thought we knew what we were doing and that was “special”. Really? We didn’t wipe, just shut up and heal if you aren’t going to offer any constructive criticism.

The hunter who was with us hadn’t done that instance before so once Druid got the bark out of his ass he was actually quite helpful explaining the fights, things to keep in mind, don’t stand in this, etc.

Why couldn’t he have just done this from the start?

You can get more with honey than vinegar or whatever the saying is, and baring that you can get more with a kind word and a gun.

My point, which I sort of have besides just having a good ol’ fashioned moan, is that I don’t understand why people are so nasty. I mean I UNDERSTAND it, it’s the internet, they are anonymous, there are no real life repercussions for being an asshole. Except you make people not want to play a game they enjoy.

Currently I’m stuck. A few of my characters are in a nice guild but I’m abroad, and most of my guildies are on the west coast. So if I want to get nice things, like pretty dresses or hats I have to take the risk of LFD. Normally it’s ok. Silent, joyless runs (currently a discussion of this going on over on Twitter), but the last night or two I’ve just really had the wind knocked out of my sails.

I guess rather then letting it get to me I could grow a thicker skin, and not take it personally. Or maybe people could start thinking about the person behind the avatar and treat them the way they’d like to be treated.

I think the Golden Rule can be applied to WoW life as well as real life.


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